What do you cheerish? Success or Pursuit of it?

Strangely this thought came just a fraction of time before in my mind. Do you cheerish your success or the pursuit of it when you have achieved your dream?

With the fulfillment of one dream you start chasing other……..this time even bigger, as you have the confidence from your previous battle! None of the dreams could be ultimate. Do you realies why? People can’t hold on…..atleast not in my case.

The answer lies in the above question. When you are cozy with your achievements, you feel comfort not with what you achieved but with what you sacrifice in the past in pursuit of the achievement. Sacrifice always bears a sense of happiness, and happiness is the ultimate thing. Where does success stands among them then. I guess it has no significance. It is more like a milestone which indicate you of your journey. You don’t find happiness in finding that stone, you derive happiness from the message it bears. And you feel happy of getting that far! You rejoice your journey you undertook to get that far!

Today It is like siting on a milestone and feeling proud on how far I have come. The milestone off course is giving me physical comfort, but my mind is finding pleasure in the journey that I took. I cant sit here all long, as my mind is hungry of some more journeys to feed its pleasure desires.

Good Night

Stay blessed 🙂

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