Perfection: To seek or not to?


Perfection is a wider term. They say no body can be perfect. Well of course nobody can be perfect in every field. But can one attain perfection in a single field even?

That’s why  they also say: ‘You should learn to accept people with imperfection’. Doesn’t that sound defeated? I mean, since you can’t find a perfect person so you should accept them as they are.

Well there are exceptions to it. People always say about their fiancé that they have found a perfect companion. I don’t know whether they say it on the heat of situation or they really mean it but still if there is no digital answer of 1 & 0 there should be an analog one. Like say I am 90% perfect in this field.

If this is so what is 100%? I mean what is perfection? Well the dictionary say ‘free from any flaws & having all the required qualities, element or characteristic’. So it is like an ideal one. But I am still not convinced by the statement ‘One can not attain perfection’. You see dictionary definition is fine but every person has its own definition of perfectness.

Like for me a person is perfect to be accepted should have qualities like truthfulness, Integrity, loyality, and helping nature. Secondary qualities desired to some extent are Selflessness, humourus, Intellectual  etc. So you see my definition of perfectness is described in some other way. Even if a person is bit selfish I will call that person perfect one because I have a tolerance allowance for that. Or I can also go analog in defining a person as, he is 80 to 90% perfect in my terms and I can keep a relation with a distance with him.

When you are counting your best friend there’s certainly isn’t one in your list. The length of list will depend on the tolerance allowance you have in the behavioral pattern of your friends. The more flexible you are the longer is the list.

I was once asked the question in my SSB interview, ‘tell me 2 things that you like about your best friend and 2 things you don’t like’. Now since the person in question is the best friend you can give a long list of qualities you like and when it comes to count on the dislikes you find it difficult. But in that situation you got to give the answer with reasons as you can’t afford to go numb or to say ‘I don’t find any dislike in him’. And you come up with a really good answer, with reasons, and you think ‘why didn’t I noticed this before that I do not like his this quality. It happens. Because you have accepted that person with imperfections. Now it was you only who pointed out the imperfection so surely the said quality is not under the domain of ‘tolerance allowance’ set by you!

My point is, although the saying is that we need to learn to accept persons with imperfection, you don’t really have to put effort doing that. If the person has several of the qualities you like, its almost instinctively that you will tend to accept that person. You don’t have to bother about ‘learning’ to accept him with imperfection. And that’s where true happiness finds way in your life.

When I look back into my life I find quite a few of my friends whom I can count as best friends. A little deviation from the list of primary quality under my terms leads to a distance that I always keep with them. While for some who already entered into my list of best friends, a little deviation from even the primary quality is acceptable, and it is acceptable instinctively i.e. I can’t even ponder that I am making a compromise.


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2 responses to “Perfection: To seek or not to?

  1. Anonymous

    Nice thought Alok …but a friend is a person who comes into our life to share our moments good or bad. To get through in our condition is not required at all…n we find them perfect despite of many disqualities.

  2. abha

    Nice thought Alok …but a friend is a person who comes into our life to share our moments good or bad. To get through in our condition is not required at all…n we find them perfect despite of many disqualities.

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