Blog : A habit or need?

Hello WordPress community 🙂

This is my first blog. I was thinking loud from a while about creating a blog profile for myself. Well in my case I felt the need of bloging.

Blog is a wonderful aspect of this small wonderland of internet. I got a lot of help through blogs in my recent research of study abroad, and having taken much from this I also wanted to give some of my time and thought to this. Give and take should always balance out to maintain sustainability!

Blog is not just a place to demonstrate how beautifully you can use words and ornament your saying, but rather it is about communicating your thought to the world, sharing your experience so that others can get benefited from it. “You got to learn from the others mistake because life is too short to make them yourself and then learn”. If society around you has sinked to your laptop, there cheerful or bitter experience should also be out there in your laptop (out there in laptop : your laptop is as vast as universe!). This I guess created a need for a plateform on net to discuss your experiences as we do in social gathering in real world. So blog is a need.

And its always wonderful if your need becomes your habit. It eventually will be knowingly or unknowingly. So blogging is I guess a wonderful habit.

But as nature has awarded as with every resources without a water trade, so is the blog. You can cut as many trees as you want, nature is not asking you anything in return, but its your obligation to plant trees as well for maintaining sustainability. If you are reaping from various blogs on net you ought to to return something to its ever increasing bank.

Secondly, if the world around us is as small as my laptop, certainly, my voice could be heard all over. Here comes the other need of blogs. The world can hear you! all you have to do is pour your good thoughts in your laptop and you could be a start line of a revolution! Our society needs young thoughts more than matured arms. We need to cry out loud and we need to make our voice heard.

Thanks for the reading, hope you enjoyed it




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5 responses to “Blog : A habit or need?

  1. Abha

    Well……I m agree that exchange of thoughts always work n blog is a great medium to do so.I appreciate if people like u come forward n
    make awareness not only their achievement but. shortcomings too,
    Its nice reading u.

  2. rohit jain

    Congratulation!!u hv got one regular blog reader for u!!

  3. bro happy to see that u took a move…

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