Why I want storytelling skills?

When I learned about this course on storytelling, which is a special course being taken by Ambassador Bruce Oreck, I instantly signed up for it. The reason? Let me explain!

Storytelling is a buzz word today in entrepreneurial world. I guess, this art started with humans learning to communicate each other, so it is as old as human civilization. Even before the first written communication was developed, peoples used to pass on learnings and traditions through stories. We still do so. Every culture have its own bundle of stories. What’s common in that? Well they all seems to explain the traditions of a culture, these traditions may be a lifesaving act in some cases explaining the existence of the community! So you see, how important was story telling. But this was there from long back, Why such a buzz about it in 21st century all of a sudden?

I would rather say, the wheel of time has rotated 360 degrees and we are again there from where we started! There was a time when the communication always involved some degree of emotions, when the communication was direct, when we knew from whom we are communicating, when the communication was tangible….at least to the hearts. Then the communication easily took form of sharing each other stories. One would narrate the story, other would feel every word because he is already in the shoes of the main character of story and the cycle get repeated. Even the professional communication was in this form only. Then comes an era of technology through which we can even communicate to unknown audience, an era of boring power point bullets and blank screen webinars! The ease and speed of these modes made it favourable for professional communication. Being direct is fine to transfer information quickly but when it comes to implanting our idea to somebody else head to get some sort of benefits, direct mode don’t work. Business today is about matching minds with the customer/client, putting your thought in somebody else’s mind and nothing can do it as effectively as an effective story can do. We are wired to like stories, we evolved with this. They say a story is an information with a soul! When somebody narrates a story the other person’s mind starts to stimulate different zones of itself to feel the impulse/pain/emotion attached to the story. In this way we can implant an idea as it is from our head to somebody else’s head. Such a magic is highly required in todays evolved business scenario.

My personal motivation to take up this course derive from my own assessment of my skills at storytelling in informal communication, mostly with friends and family. I knew this is important, I can even do a good job on it if I take a huge lot of time to write it up, as I am doing it now, but when it comes to instantly framing a story, summing up everything in structured way becomes challenging and I mostly end up with an unsustained and unsuccessful sharing of idea. In my professional world, I have always been direct and to the point, although I feel that in some of the context I could have done better if I had tried this skill. All in all this remains like a magic wand to me whose magic I am yet to see, just heard and convinced that this wand can produce a lot of magic…….here is my chance to get an hold on this wand!

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What do you cheerish? Success or Pursuit of it?

Strangely this thought came just a fraction of time before in my mind. Do you cheerish your success or the pursuit of it when you have achieved your dream?

With the fulfillment of one dream you start chasing other……..this time even bigger, as you have the confidence from your previous battle! None of the dreams could be ultimate. Do you realies why? People can’t hold on…..atleast not in my case.

The answer lies in the above question. When you are cozy with your achievements, you feel comfort not with what you achieved but with what you sacrifice in the past in pursuit of the achievement. Sacrifice always bears a sense of happiness, and happiness is the ultimate thing. Where does success stands among them then. I guess it has no significance. It is more like a milestone which indicate you of your journey. You don’t find happiness in finding that stone, you derive happiness from the message it bears. And you feel happy of getting that far! You rejoice your journey you undertook to get that far!

Today It is like siting on a milestone and feeling proud on how far I have come. The milestone off course is giving me physical comfort, but my mind is finding pleasure in the journey that I took. I cant sit here all long, as my mind is hungry of some more journeys to feed its pleasure desires.

Good Night

Stay blessed 🙂

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Perfection: To seek or not to?


Perfection is a wider term. They say no body can be perfect. Well of course nobody can be perfect in every field. But can one attain perfection in a single field even?

That’s why  they also say: ‘You should learn to accept people with imperfection’. Doesn’t that sound defeated? I mean, since you can’t find a perfect person so you should accept them as they are.

Well there are exceptions to it. People always say about their fiancé that they have found a perfect companion. I don’t know whether they say it on the heat of situation or they really mean it but still if there is no digital answer of 1 & 0 there should be an analog one. Like say I am 90% perfect in this field.

If this is so what is 100%? I mean what is perfection? Well the dictionary say ‘free from any flaws & having all the required qualities, element or characteristic’. So it is like an ideal one. But I am still not convinced by the statement ‘One can not attain perfection’. You see dictionary definition is fine but every person has its own definition of perfectness.

Like for me a person is perfect to be accepted should have qualities like truthfulness, Integrity, loyality, and helping nature. Secondary qualities desired to some extent are Selflessness, humourus, Intellectual  etc. So you see my definition of perfectness is described in some other way. Even if a person is bit selfish I will call that person perfect one because I have a tolerance allowance for that. Or I can also go analog in defining a person as, he is 80 to 90% perfect in my terms and I can keep a relation with a distance with him.

When you are counting your best friend there’s certainly isn’t one in your list. The length of list will depend on the tolerance allowance you have in the behavioral pattern of your friends. The more flexible you are the longer is the list.

I was once asked the question in my SSB interview, ‘tell me 2 things that you like about your best friend and 2 things you don’t like’. Now since the person in question is the best friend you can give a long list of qualities you like and when it comes to count on the dislikes you find it difficult. But in that situation you got to give the answer with reasons as you can’t afford to go numb or to say ‘I don’t find any dislike in him’. And you come up with a really good answer, with reasons, and you think ‘why didn’t I noticed this before that I do not like his this quality. It happens. Because you have accepted that person with imperfections. Now it was you only who pointed out the imperfection so surely the said quality is not under the domain of ‘tolerance allowance’ set by you!

My point is, although the saying is that we need to learn to accept persons with imperfection, you don’t really have to put effort doing that. If the person has several of the qualities you like, its almost instinctively that you will tend to accept that person. You don’t have to bother about ‘learning’ to accept him with imperfection. And that’s where true happiness finds way in your life.

When I look back into my life I find quite a few of my friends whom I can count as best friends. A little deviation from the list of primary quality under my terms leads to a distance that I always keep with them. While for some who already entered into my list of best friends, a little deviation from even the primary quality is acceptable, and it is acceptable instinctively i.e. I can’t even ponder that I am making a compromise.


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Blog : A habit or need?

Hello WordPress community 🙂

This is my first blog. I was thinking loud from a while about creating a blog profile for myself. Well in my case I felt the need of bloging.

Blog is a wonderful aspect of this small wonderland of internet. I got a lot of help through blogs in my recent research of study abroad, and having taken much from this I also wanted to give some of my time and thought to this. Give and take should always balance out to maintain sustainability!

Blog is not just a place to demonstrate how beautifully you can use words and ornament your saying, but rather it is about communicating your thought to the world, sharing your experience so that others can get benefited from it. “You got to learn from the others mistake because life is too short to make them yourself and then learn”. If society around you has sinked to your laptop, there cheerful or bitter experience should also be out there in your laptop (out there in laptop : your laptop is as vast as universe!). This I guess created a need for a plateform on net to discuss your experiences as we do in social gathering in real world. So blog is a need.

And its always wonderful if your need becomes your habit. It eventually will be knowingly or unknowingly. So blogging is I guess a wonderful habit.

But as nature has awarded as with every resources without a water trade, so is the blog. You can cut as many trees as you want, nature is not asking you anything in return, but its your obligation to plant trees as well for maintaining sustainability. If you are reaping from various blogs on net you ought to to return something to its ever increasing bank.

Secondly, if the world around us is as small as my laptop, certainly, my voice could be heard all over. Here comes the other need of blogs. The world can hear you! all you have to do is pour your good thoughts in your laptop and you could be a start line of a revolution! Our society needs young thoughts more than matured arms. We need to cry out loud and we need to make our voice heard.

Thanks for the reading, hope you enjoyed it




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